About Us


The Sari Emporium encourages extremely adorable style senses which are deeply rooted in our rich culture & traditions. With time, the consciousness to encourage Indian artistry has tremendously increased. Along with that, the need for comfortable clothing tailored to suit different occasions and purposes which is why The Sari Emporium has given a new dimension to Indian ethnic wear by making Shirt a new cool among young Indian shoppers.

“With the growing economic independence of men, the demand for smart & affordable ethnic wear is all-time high. Now, it has turned mainstream and is worn daily.”

The garments are crafted considering the everyday needs & moods of men. The brand is a beautiful reflection of the love for Indian artistry on fabrics be it in the form of painting or weaving which has held up the legacy of years & pride of India intact. We create & curate a wide range of ensembles from various craftsmen across the nation & bring out the best of women contemporary clothing.

Today, The Sari Emporium holds a prime position in the women’s ethnic wear category for the kind of vision & values we hold.

Our bid is to bring guests a choice of products – and life – that offers an volition to the mass- produced while creating sustainable livelihoods in the pastoral sector.

The Vision

At The Sari Emporium we celebrate India, and endeavour to bring all that we love about India to guests around the world.

The Mission

We'll harness the transformative power of a well- run business committed to profitable growth in support of The Sari Emporium Vision.

We'll strengthen and support our community of guests, contrivers, crafters, growers, makers and entrepreneurs inspired by India.

We'll give our guests products that delight them by interpreting our rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while guarding the natural terrain.

Values & Guiding Principles

To insure that we delight our guests with our products and service, and always make them feel that they're getting great value for their plutocrat.

To design, make and vend products with natural worth that comes from the original designs, knowledge, care and skill with which these are made.

To be true to our commitment and history as an ethical and trust- good brand promoting a stake- holder grounded community model of inclusive capitalism.

To constantly partake our Vision with our workers, suppliers, business associates and guests, so that we inclusively insure that all our conduct are in service of our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

The Sari Emporium Head Office is located in surat at

The Sari Emporium.

Office: 228, Royal Square,Nr VIP Circle ,Kapodra Utran Bridge,394105,  Gujarat, India
(10.00am to 5.00pm. Monday to Saturday.) Email: contact@thesariemporium.in

Registered Address: 228, Royal Square,Nr VIP Circle ,Kapodra Utran Bridge,394105,  Gujarat, India

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Email: contact@thesariemporium.in